Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Canoe vs. kayak

One of the best ways to see the fall color changes is in a canoe or kayak, so I wasn't surprised when I picked up my daily paper and found a story about the increase of paddling trips in Michigan.
Paddling lakes or rivers gets you into the landscape in a way that just driving doesn't.
September is one of my favorite months to be out on the water. You've got a little summer and a little fall, and usually fewer people around.
But the newspaper story got me thinking about what's the best boat to use. I'm a dedicated canoeist, but I'm looking at buying a kayak. Both have their good points.
Kayaks offer paddlers better agility than canoes, but then again, canoes are more versatile and offer more room. I also like the stability of a canoe for fishing.
My wife likes going paddling with me, and we both fit into one boat. It's certainly less expensive to buy one boat than two, and it's also less of a hassle to slip one canoe off the top of my vehicle than take two off.
My solution to the dilemma is simple: Have one of each. With a good car top carrier, you can handle both a canoe and kayak on top.
Then you can take your pick.

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