Monday, January 11, 2010

The nation gets a taste of Michigan weather

             Watching the various TV networks talk about the so-called Arctic winter freeze the nation is experiencing is amusing when you live in Michigan.  It’s not really news to us; it’s just another typical January in Michigan.
                A friend recently moved to a Deep South town in Mississippi, and sent me an e-mail about how the town is in a panic because there’s a bit of snow and temperatures hit the 20s. Folks there are worried their pipes are going to freeze and they’re buying winter coats.
                Us folks from Michigan don’t have to do that, we’ve already have coats, and as one northern Michigan guy once told me: “You just get up in the morning and put on layers until your warm. But you never really get warm, and at some point you get use to it.”
                I think he said it best for all of us. Too bad the TV networks don’t interview him, its good advice for our southern cousins.

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