Friday, July 19, 2013

It's research at the Mitten Bar

     Some times when you're doing research on travel destinations in Michigan you have to sacrifice, like I did at the Mitten Bar in Ludington where they only serve Michigan beers and hard liquor. I tried both. The Traverse City whiskey, which I've been hearing about, was fine, something like a Canadian, but a bit spicy and it had a bourbon feel to it. The Mitten has become a destination for beer lovers in Michigan, and doesn't cater to the average beer drinker. My wife, who took a picture of me at the bar, tried to order a Bud Light. There was none, so she just took photos. If my hand looks a bit fuzzy in the photo, it's not her fault. My elbow was pretty much in constant motion when I was in the place. There's also an adjoining whiskey bar, but I never made it in there.

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